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The most popular way to apply to top companies for students and graduates at the best schools.

StudyHall connects the most talented students and graduates with Fortune 500 companies, small, mid and large companies growing and seeking top talent for hiring.


Hire the next generation of talent.

We find the top talent in three categories: hackers, hustlers, and social media mavens. 

Our software sifts through hundreds of thousands of applications, and less than .3% of applicants are finally selected for our talent pool.

When hiring the top candidates, don't sacrifice quality for speed, but maximize both with our platform.

Students apply to join, and our proprietary engine matches them to specific projects and company needs.

In the end, only the best students will be matched to the companies need them most. Companies can then use our interface to easily manage and hire talent from the top colleges and universities.

We match talent to innovation.

We’ve worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies to find the hackers for their coding, hustlers for their business development, and social media mavens for their digital marketing campaigns.

StudyHall finds the students with the experience and talent necessary to help a business thrive.

Imagine if you never had to post on job boards or read another resume.

How does it work?


(1) StudyHall's acceptance rate is < .3%.

(2) Founded by two former Cornell buddies who love to build simple products with huge impacts. 

(3) StudyHall engine saves a company $110,000+ per year in hiring expenses, reduces employee turnover by 80% and creates 50+ new jobs on each campus.

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